Global MSC can audit and assess your CCTV system and if appropriate, recommend changes to enhance its performance for the least possible outlay. We can also review your cost structure, and suggest changes or reasons for renegotiation.


If you already possess a security system, you should ask these questions on a regular basis:

• Is its performance satisfactory?
• Is it getting out of date?
• Does it meet its Operational Requirement (OR)?
• Does it meet the Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)?
• Does it meet your original objectives?
• Does it meet any new objectives that have arisen?
• Does it cost more than you think it should?
• In these days of advancing technology, is, for example, the CCTV camera refresh rate still sufficient?
• Are you using the most cost effective transmission solution?
• Does it meet guidelines for the admissibility of evidence?
• Does it comply with all of the latest relevant legislation?
• Do you need ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)?
• Will High Definition (HD) Cameras increase the quality of evidence reducing the total camera count?