Global MSC Security Conference Achieves a Whopping £2,600 for the Royal British Legion

20181113 - MSC Global Security by @JonCraig_Photos 07778606070. Sean Gane and Nicky Wallace of the Warrior Programme and Royal British Legion

MSC are proud to have raised the largest amount ever from our annual seminars in aid of the Royal British Legion to mark the centenary of the cessation of hostilities of the First World War on the anniversary of the Armistice Day.

We were  joined by Sean Gane an ex-serviceman, representing the Warrior Programme and Nicola Wallace from the Royal British Legion.   Sean - a veteran of 2 Rifles and numerous tours of Afghanistan was medically discharged in 2009 and is now the co-ordinator of The Warrior Programme.  This programme is a 3 day motivation and training foundation programme enhanced by 12 months' structured support and signposting. The Warrior Programme runs these residential programmes across England and Wales not just for Veterans but for family members / partners and dependants of Veterans too.

Nicola Wallace - Advice and Information Officer at the Bristol Office works with Sean, referring Members of the Armed Forces and Veterans to him when appropriate, as well as helping with many other issues faced by Service Personnel that The Royal British Legion can help with.

The delegates heard of the trauma and difficulties Sean had been through after being blown up twice on two different tours in Afghanistan.  This caused severe PTSD and many other effects which took him to the depths of despair.  He was put back on the road to recovery and now gives these inspirational talks to help others cope after giving service to their country.  As a result of the compelling and descriptive account Sean gave, delegates dug deep for the charity raffle to raise a super £2,600 for the charities where people were able to take advantage of the generous prizes donated by the exhibitors of the event.