Other Services

Global MSC Security provides security advice, consultancy, training and the project management of installations for our clients and include such duties as:

• Those  who operate surveillance camera systems who may be 'Relevant Authorities' now have to comply with the recently published (October 2018) Surveillance Camera Commissioner's Data Protection Impact Assessment to demonstrate you are compliant with GDPR

• Provide advice regarding the Surveillance Camera Commissioner's Code of Practice published June 2013
• Security and CCTV design - assessments, feasibility and implementation
• Assess the Operational Requirements of the system in line with the published 'Passport to Compliance Document issued by the SCC in July 2017

• Assess the alternative transmission options for your CCTV system
• Consider the implications of retrieval of evidence from digital systems
• Consider the use of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) for enforcement, parking control and management of areas
• Intruder Detection, Perimeter Protection and Access Control requirements.
• Compile tender specifications
• Provide project management
• Co-ordinate suppliers and maintain auditable process trails
• Construction, Design and Management (CDM) supervision