Many managers and operators of public space and private security systems fail to understand or comply with their legal responsibilities, especially with regard to the admissibility of CCTV images as evidence, rendering them worthless.

Codes of Practice, Procedures and the training through which to understand and practice them are essential.

At Global MSC, we are experts in explaining the complex. As former law enforcement officers and security experts, we speak the language of your staff. We pride ourselves that our operations manuals and our training days are models of clarity and practical advice.


We run training sessions covering every aspect of security system usage, including:

  1. The new National Surveillance Camera Strategy for England and Wales published March 2017
  2. Strategy Plan - Policing
  3. Strategy Plan - Local Authorities

• Information Commissioner's Code of Practice 2017
• Protection of Freedom's Act 2012
• Human Rights
• Operating Procedures
• Use of Body Worn Video (BWV)
• The original 2007 National CCTV Strategy
• Ethical camera use
• Court room preparation
• Statements and written logs
• Health and Safety guidelines
• Camera technique
• Regulation of investigatory powers
• Directed surveillance
• Staff selection and development
• System assessment for the maintenance of best value
• Covert operations
• Use and legal implication of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV - Drones)