Why Use An Independent Consultant


One of the most important reasons for using the services of a consultant is to receive completely unbiased and objective advice. Most installing companies have preferred products for very sensible commercial reasons. It is natural therefore that they should present these in the best possible light. It can be very difficult for a customer to differentiate between the claims of competing salespeople.


Serving Your Interest

A professional consultant is employed by you and has no incentive to promote any particular product or system. Most consultants keep up to date on the performance of various products through experience with installations and trouble shooting. Not all products that appear equal to the layperson are necessarily so. The consultant can steer you away from products with a poor track record for performance or reliability. The pressure on the customer to differentiate between competing proposals is eliminated.


Saving Your Time

Most business people these days have little enough time to spare and will be directing their efforts into running their company. The old saying that time is money to the business person has never been truer; the cost of a consultant can frequently be repaid by the extra time released.


Saving You Money

Most people have had experience of the wide variations in price between competing quotations for apparently the same specification. Unlike the purchase of machines or standard products, CCTV or access control systems are likely to be a new venture by many companies and local authorities. They simply cannot be expected to have the experience and detailed knowledge on which to judge differing proposals.


Peace Of Mind

Technology development moves rapidly, with many ways of increasing the effectiveness of both new and existing systems. Digital recording, video transmission both wireless and hardwired, ruggedised cameras, detection of movement, etc. are all very much more advanced than only a year ago. Even so, products with apparently similar specifications to the layperson can differ dramatically in actual performance under particular circumstances. This is especially true in the case of digital recording and so called digital cameras. Objective advice can be invaluable in the selection of the right equipment for the job.